Indoor, germicidal, fluorescent luminaire.

A luminaire suitable for the food industry and health care facilities. Its designated purpose is to disinfect air, liquids and surfaces using ultraviolet radiation. The luminaire destroys both DNA and RNA.

Not intended to illuminate spaces!

  • Operating life of the light source: 9 000 hours
  • Luminaire protection: IP20
  • May include a time switch
  • Kills germs including viruses, mold and other live pests
  • Disinfects air, liquids and surfaces 99.999%
  • Nominal wavelength 254 nm
Materials / finishes
  • Body and side covers: aluminum or steel sheet
  • Cable gland: rubber (SBS)
  • Terminal block: screwless, three-pole (basic version)
Electric equipment
  • Time switch at request (CLK)
  • Germicidal lamp OSRAM HNS G13, radiated spectrum UV-C 200-280nm, socket G13 in secure design