Industrial Drain

  • Covered load-bearing flat bars to prevent accumulation of contamination on sharp edges.
  • Blunted edges to minimise the risk of accumulation of solid waste, on which bacteria may grow.
  • Pressed, with no connected elements, to facilitate cleaning and removal of solid contamination.
  • Inverted shape ensures maximum protection against unpleasant odours and bacterial penetration.
  • Pressed upper part with no sharp corners facilitates removal of contamination and prevents growth of bacteria.
  • Butt welding allows maintaining the highest hygenic standards.
  • Pressed body, with no sharp edges or welded corner joints prevents the accumulation of contamination.
  • Butt welding of all elements. No welding joints in corners.

All floor drains and rodding eyes are made of stainless steel. The type of drain depends on the load class. Floor drains are made of sheet metal of thickness adapted to a defined type of drain. All elements are welded using argon shield,and then are pickled, thus ensuring high quality of joints.


Used to collect water from the surface of the floor and drain it into the sewage system. Drainages of this type are used in food plants (breweries, dairies, abattoirs) and chemical industry plants. Standard channels are manufactured in a wide range of dimensions and shapes.


  • Drain large amounts of water,
  • They may be easily configured and connected at
  • Required angles with other standard or slot channels,
  • It is possible to apply various types of covering gratings,
  • Easy access for cleaning (rounded internal corners,
  • Removable gratings, waste basket with a trap),
  • The channel edge can be adapted to the floor type
  • (additional edge flanging for tiles, angle for expansion joints),
  • A rodding eye is installed in the sewage system in the
  • Place of drainage

Bathroom shower bases are made of stainless steel. They are produced using decorative sheet metal of 1.25 [mm] thickness. 


  • Easy cleaning,
  • Strong disinfectants can be applied,
  • Anti-bacterial features of stainless steel,
  • Comfortable entrance to the shower cabin on a
  • Wheelchair without risk of damaging the structure
  • Or encountering any obstacles,
  • Easy assembly,
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Manhole covers are available in various options and sizes. They are widely used in industrial and public facilities, i.e. in shops, exhibition halls, restaurants, workshops, warehouses, and other places where access to underfloor installations is required.

Floor tiles, terracotta or other materials can be used as finishing material of the upper part of a manhole covers.


  • Easy access to underfloor installations.
  • Isolation against odours.
  • Simple opening system.
  • High durability.
  • Aesthetically appealing.

Protective elements are used e.g. in food industry plants (breweries, dairies, abattoirs), in catering facilities and hospitals. The shape, diameter of pipes, height of buffers and mechanical resistance parameters are designed in accordance with the individual expectations of a client. By standard, 1.5 to 3 [mm] thick pipes are used. We offer surfaces with 2B finish or brushed.

There are 2 types of buffer installation:

  • In holes in the floor which are filled with concrete;
  • By chemical or expansion anchors that attach the flange of the buffer to the floor. The complete unit constitutes a durable and hygienic element that provides protection for walls, sliding doors and other objects, and enables effective cleaning of the protected area. Non-corrosive stainless steel is a significant advantage for bollards and barriers in the event of mechanical damage.

Used in any construction projects, regardless of an industry, improving safety and work comfort, as well as blending into interior design and the architecture of the surrounding environment. Stainless steel products meet high durability standards, are resistant to adverse environmental impacts, are maintenance-free, and guarantee stability of the structure and work safety. The perception of stability is a highly significant factor from a psychological point of view, in particular in case of users of platforms and landings built at great heights.

Two types of platforms gratings and steps:

  • Smooth gratings: transverse flat bars are tightly settled into load-carrying flat bars, and then welded into an edge frame made of a 3 [mm] thick flat bar.
  • Serrated gratings: are characterized by an increased friction coefficient due to cuts on load-bearing and transverse flat bars, thus increasing their anti-slippery properties. Cut gratings are applied to create platforms in places where there is a risk associated with snow, ice, lubricants and moisture.


We offer a wide selection of transport trolleys intended for food industry facilities: transport trolleys, “Z” and “H” type smoking trolleys, stuffing trolleys, smoked meat cooling tanks, ice defrosting trolleys, meat tubs, meat wheelbarrows, transport counters, gastronomic counters and others.


The wide selection of hygiene products includes various types of washbasins, shoe washers, hygiene passages, disinfection stations, knife, saws and cleaver sterilisers, driers for shoes and aprons, disinfection agents dispensers, soaps, headgear, and paper towels.


Furniture is made of stainless steel and meets the strictest sanitary requirements, making it an optimal solution in facilities in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, gastronomic and other industries.