Fill Epoxy Hygienic Sealant


Fill epoxy is made up of two main components, epoxy resinand hardener, which are mixed with a high quality pigment sealant.
Fill epoxy is produced with the most advanced technology to seal gap joints between tiles and to add beauty to your home.

Range of Application Technical data of Fillepoxy

  •   All kinds of cabinets, aperture, window, furniture, etc
  •  All kinds of edges of Kitchen, food processing plants, aluminum plates, bathroom, also can be used to paste all kinds of hard materials.
  • Bathtub, shower room, glass partition, implement, lavabo, mesa and basins of guesthouse
  • Hotel, family, such as the installation of sanitary ware, waterproof, plugging and decoration processing.
  • Indoor and outdoor grouting of ceramic tile and natural stone floors and walls. Also suitable for acid resistant bonding and rapid setting of ceramic tiles, stone materials, fibre-cement, concrete and any other building material on all types of substrates normally used in construction.
  • Cold rooms applications.
  • Installation of hygienic kerbs for wall protection 8. Food processing plants 9. Restaurants kitchen
  • Water-resistant, Anti-mildew, antibacterial, anti-penetration, resistant to yellowing. 
  • Suitable for complicated colorful patterns.
  • Super anti-fouling, resistance to chemical corrosion.
  • High compressive strength, good abrasion resistance.
  • Green environmental protection.
  • Easy to maintain, cleanable to the original color.

Double tube: 400ml/pair and 15pcs/carton

Size: (37x24x24) cm

Wright: 540 grams (gross)

Color Chart