Fish Processing Plants & Farms

Nothing but the strictest compliance with hygiene regulations within a complete refrigeration chain can be more critical when it comes to highly perishable fish products. A particular challenge for hygiene specialists in the fish processing industry is the maintenance of the necessarily high salt and water content in the air inside production and storage rooms. Here Exceptional Hygiene® is setting new standards with its hard-wearing sandwich panels and HygiSeam™ panels with Hygifill™. The pore-free Surfaseal surface of the hygienic Glasbord® wall and ceiling cladding provides hardly any opportunity for salt residues or microbes to take hold – and if they do, removal from the sandwich panels is easy and effective. Not only are GFP panels durable, they are also very resistant to acids and alkalis. Should the customer require the room air to be as highly germ-free as possible, Exceptional Hygiene® can call in its expert air-conditioning and ventilation partners to draw up a hygiene concept customized to the fish-processing Company’s particular requirements.