Fire Doors


Fire Resistant Doors are available at single leaf or dual leaf configurations, with several add-ons and accessories to satisfy any requirement.

All Fire Resistant Doors are manufactured with 100 % galvanized steel parts that enclose mineral wool insulation packs. In addition, the door frame has the same mechanical and insulating properties and operates with the door as a complete system.

Fire Resistant Doors can be offered painted at several colors, or even with digital print on the door surface to perfectly match any architectural aesthetics requirement.

  • Fire-rated doors facilitate quick and efficient evacuation of occupants in case of a fire emergency.
  • They can minimize the damage done to the property
  • They help protect against the fire spreading, containing it to one place along with the smoke and toxic gases emitted.
  • Fire-rated doors are tough and robust in nature. This means they can protect your home or commercial facility not just from fires but also from burglars and potential threats.
  • Sound Proofing and Contains Smoke
  • They provide High-Quality Look and High-Quality Feels

Door frame details:

  • Steel Sheet: 2,0 Cold Rolled and Galvanized Steel
  • Finishing: Powder Coat 70 micron
  • Type: Adjustable or corner type with gasket
  • Frame Fixing: 2 each screws at every jambs
  • Frame fire stopping: Intumescent Seal – 1,5
  • Frame insulation: Between wall and back of frame with 50 Kg/m3 rockwool

Door Blade Details:

  • Steel Sheet: 1,5 Cold Rolled and Galvanized Steel
  • Finishing: Powder Coat 70 micron
  • Thickness: 68 mm
  • Type: Rebated
  • Core inner insulation: 110 Kg /m3 rockwool
  • Core outer insulation: Powder Coat 70 micron
  • Thickness: 68 mm
  • Type: 12,5 mm fire resistant gypsum board

Hardware Details:

  • Hinges: 3 Hinges (standard)
  • Door closer: Reknown Eu brands
  • Panic bar: Reknown Eu Brands
  • Screws and fixing: Stainless steel
  • Insulation: Izocam mineral wool
  • Gypsum board: Knauf
  • Intumescent fire seal: Reknown Ey Brands