Loading Technology


Loading dock equipment is key in the efficient and safe handling of goods. Levelers, shelters, loadhouses and other accessories make loading and unloading more convenient and sustainable.

Three types of Loading Technology:

Dock doors
Dock doors form an important gateway at the loading dock. Insulation and automation according to specific needs help minimize energy loss, ensure efficient workflow and secure warehouses, logistics…

Dock levelers
The dock leveler bridges the gap to ensure smooth and safe transfer of goods between vehicle and loading dock. Manual dock plates and automatic levelers to suit your facility can accommodate…

Dock shelters
Dock shelters improve both energy efficiency and working conditions. By sealing off the vehicle, curtain or inflatable dock shelters protect against weather and drafts during the loading and…

Loadhouses are integrated systems that form a complete loading platform. A loadhouse is an energy-efficient solution, incorporating all the relevant components for a complete loading dock unit;…

  • Efficient operation and better results
  • Enhance the speed and effectiveness of loading operations while minimizing risk of accidents