Bakery & Pasta

While with fully cooked products, the risk of microbiological action is accepted as being relatively low, cakes and pastries with uncooked fillings or still-moist pasta, particularly if they contain eggs – present a higher risk. Effective Hygiene is essential in the production and storage of foods with the potential to be hazardous to health. Expert advice and assistance in achieving thorough and complete building hygiene is available from Exceptional Hygiene®

With its special product, HygiSeam™ panels with Hygifill™ a sandwich panel made from glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GFP), Exceptional Hygiene® provides trouble-free Hygiene for wall and ceiling cladding and gives mould and condensation no chance of forming. And what’s more: Attractive, light-coloured Glasbord® is colour-stable, resistant to abrasion and does not yellow when exposed to ammonia.