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Bekina® Boots is a Belgian company specializing in the development, production, and marketing of work boots, made with NEOTANE® Technology with the highest quality craftsmanship. Likewise, the wearers of our boots stand for professional craftsmanship, always ready to give it their all every day, in the most extreme and diverse working conditions. They work long hours subjecting the boots to excessive usage day in and out.

Features and innovations

In the food industry, you are always on the lookout for the right balance between safety, hygiene and saving money. Our feather-light food processing boots have been developed in accordance with the most recent international standards, for both hygiene and safety. Standing at a fixed work station for a long time puts extra strain on the legs and joints. Thanks to the soft NEOTANE® material incorporated into the heel, your staff will be walking on air. Expensive and impractical anti-fatigue mats are a thing of the past thanks to our boots' built-in comfort. Food processing work boots from Bekina® Boots are also easy to clean and can withstand vegetable and animal oils or fats, blood and various chemical cleaning products. With the efficient color-coding provided by our Steplite®Food (available in white, blue and green), Steplite®X (white and green) and Steplite®XCI (green and orange), you can keep the risk of cross-contamination to an absolute minimum.

Safety first

15% of accidents in the workplace are caused by a lack of slip-resistant footwear. All of the food processing boots from Bekina® Boots are SRC approved and in practice provide better grip, on any type of surface. So employers and staff can keep both feet firmly on the ground and avoid accidents in the workplace!

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